WhyMoolah – A Virtual Financial Playground to Help Your Reality


Ever wondered why 99% of us resort to our local bank managers, stock traders and online financial advice websites like this when it comes to managing the moolah we rake in? Unfortunately, imbibing pragmatic financial skills in children and adolescents isn’t one of the strong suits of conventional education systems, which is why the world of finance is perceived as quantum mechanics by the uninformed populace.

Singapore has reinvented itself as an Eastern capitalist utopia in recent times; however, the onus of sustaining the mind-blowing economic growth rate is on the youth. The only way to achieve that is through mass financial awareness and savvy to tackle all major decisions in life.

Enter WhyMoolah – a revolutionary new educational app for mobile users that acts as a virtual training ground for Singaporean youth who have completed their graduation, to learn all the essential tricks of the financial trade and enrich their lifestyle with them. It is currently available for both the iOS and Android platforms.


At its core, WhyMoolah is a financial lifestyle simulator for Singaporeans, which is based on several elements derived from popular games like The Game of Life and Cashflow.

WhyMoolah puts you into the shoes of an avatar living in a simulated version of Singapore as you journey through key stages of your life that involve major financial consideration such as:

  • Daily expenditure
  • Purchasing a vehicle
  • Buying property
  • Marriage

Along the way, you will be enlightened with some truly indispensable advice on budget management and investment to help cultivate your moolah into a fortune.


The WhyMoolah app familiarizes people with genuine complexities that follow any significant financial decisions in your life, by virtual yet accurate experience through the ups and downs that accompany them.

Example – If you opt to purchase a house in WhyMoolah, then the lengthy and meticulous process of home loan evaluation is cut down to just a couple of pages covering the function of housing loans, and the impact of debt and mortgages on your monthly budget.

The accuracy of financial consequences encountered by your avatar is right on the mark as there are a ton of personal financial details factored in to help map our your immediate and long-term economic progress. This includes key niceties such as energy costs, mobile and internet bills, credit card usage, wedding expenditure, etc.

You can also apply for a POSB Everyday card and other DBS-Bank cards as you help your avatar (and yourself) become more world-wise. You can effectively evaluate the credit card that offers the best savings, interest rates and rebates, and choose the one that complements your lifestyle the best and adds maximum value to it.

Singapore’s exorbitant cost of living is something every citizen is aware of, and petrified of to some extent. WhyMoolah perfectly recreates the cumbersome financial decision of buying a house by matching your current salary with CPF contributions up against a plethora of loan packages. You can then pick an optimal housing loan option that does not end up drowning you in a merciless pool of financial debt.

Young adults can go live through transformative life decisions like marriage and having kids, which would take you through a rollercoaster of financial challenges such as life insurance, hospital expenses, baby’s supplies and education costs.


WhyMoolah helps chuck out the abstraction and nonchalance involved in your crucial financial decisions and empowers you to reinvent your lifestyle by making literate choices. It accurately maps out all the economic consequences that accompany any financially sound or ignorant decisions you make in the game.

Remember, it’s better to have a mid-life identity crisis than a debt crisis. So go ahead and tune into the virtual world of WhyMoolah to demystify the secrets of a financially stable lifestyle that can enrich your reality.

For more financial tips and tricks to reinvent your financial lifestyle, visit imoney.sg and learn what it takes to become a self-sufficient financial guru.

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