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Total $42.99

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This broadband plan is ideal for...
  • Your Home
  • Web browsing
  • Check emails
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Spotify
  • Skype
  • Watch YouTube
  • Downloading
  • File Transfer
  • Video Conference
  • Online Gaming

Voice Calls

  • FREE Home Voice Subscription

Fees & Charges

  • Installation Fee: Service Installation Fee: S$53.50
  • Other Fees: NLT Service Activation Fee : S$56.71
  • Termination Policy: Early Termination Fee: Total sum of monthly charges for the remaining contract period

Product Review by iMoney

From only S$42.99 per month, customers can subscribe to the complete 1Gbps broadband package under a 24-months contract. All bundles comes with FREE home phone line with unlimited local calls and you can also enjoy up to 8GB when you sign up for our mobile plan! (for subscribers only)

Quick Video Streaming Experience.

With the Ultra MyRepublic 1Gbps Home Broadband, it will be worry-free to stream Netflix videos like TV series and Movies together with your friends or family members. For sports lover, customers can stream live matches featuring your favourite players or teams.

Thus, streaming videos can never be faster with MyRepublic Ultra 1Gbps Fibre Broadband

All Day, All Night Fast Broadband

The MyRepublic Ultra 1Gbps Internet Plan ensures strong and steady connection as it uses optical fibre network to fasten its connection speed. This plan allows you to enjoy download and upload speed up to 1,000Mb. It also puts you into a position where you can download freely to utilize the unlimited quota.

Enjoy The Perks of Subscribing MyRepublic

Enjoy free 6 months of MySafe Parental Control (for first time user), free 3 months of Internet Security of F-Secure, Global Video Streaming Optimisation & 25% VPN Discount when you apply for MyRepublic Ultra 1Gbps Fibre Broadband.

Fees and Charges

MyRepublic Ultra 1Gbps Fibre Home Broadband can be yours today from only S$42.99 per month under 24-month contract. Other bundle prices differs based on the bundle you have chosen. However, all bundles will get FREE TP Installation fee worth S$160.50 for new customer. A one-time service fee of S$53.50 and NLT Service Activation Fee of S$56.71 will be charged. For landed properties, customer will need to pay additional NetLink Trust cost amounted to $128.40. Customer will also be entitled for new router discount of S$300 for Ultra Complete Package. You may also re-contract your broadband with selected bundles at no additional charge.

You can always compare more MyRepublic Home Broadband Plans to get the best one for you.