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  • Speed

    250 Mbps

  • Coverage


  • Download Quota


Download a song Download a movie
CD Quality SD (1.5GB)
0 secs 1 mins
Best Quality HD (4GB)
0 secs 2 mins

* Movie file size based on iTunes Movies.

* Download time estimates based on maximum connection speeds. Actual speed may vary.

This broadband plan is ideal for...
  • Your Office
  • Web browsing
  • Check emails
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Spotify
  • Skype
  • Watch YouTube
  • Downloading
  • File Transfer
  • Video Conference
  • Online Gaming

Voice Calls

  • Top up $25/month for DualConnect (Mobile) to achieve 100% internet availability
  • Includes a USB Dongle (with Data SIM). Data SIM is bundled with 10GB local data per month. Excess local data charge (imposed beyond 10GB): $8.56 per GB with the excess local data bill capped at $168 per month.
  • FREE Samsung Galaxy S10 (128GB) (worth $369)
  • FREE 24-month Caller Number Display
  • FREE 24-month International roaming

Packaged Hardware

  • Wireless AC Dual-band Router DIR-868L
  • Upgrade to Google WiFi (3 points) from $25.68/month

Fees & Charges

  • Installation Fee: S$53.50 (Waived)
  • Other Fees: For business premises, the TP installation charges is S$570.31

Product Review by iMoney

Sign up to StarHub Smart Office Suite 250M Broadband to enjoy fast Internet within your office premises.

24/7 Internet Access

Leveraging its specialty as fibre optics based infrastructure, StarHub has brought high-speed business broadband services to another level. The bundle package comes with complete unified business connectivity with SmartPipe which include broadband, voice and TV service with a single fibre connection. With its first unified and complete package for business fibre solution in Singapore that provides high-speed broadband internet, crystal-clear voice and latest TV content. The office fibre broadband never slows down, even at busy period. It allows your business to reach out to your clients efficiently with a business-grade hosting service for your email and website.

Internet Speed is #1 Priority

The StarHub Smart Office Suite 250Mbps broadband plan offers great package with fast speed internet as it’s suitable for HD video conferencing, access to cloud apps, and quick transfers of large files at the same time. StarHub provides very consistent high-speed fibre broadband for every person in your office. Thus, your business can get more work done efficiently. On top of that, with 250Mbps package, it comes with HD Voice exclusively to StarHub. The unique feature is it limits background noise for more natural mobile phone calls. Allowing you to hear more detail and speak without any distraction and you’re able to enjoy more privacy for business calls.

Fees and Charges

The StarHub 1Gbps Wireless Broadband can be yours today with only S$170.00 only per month under 24-month contract. This package is bundled with M Plan that gives you unlimited local mins and unlimited weekend local data, with Free 24 months Caller Number Display and International Roaming.

For the office line, you only need to top up S$13.50 per month for Smart UC Fixed line. The bundle comes with free Wi-Fi router and installation with waiver of one-time charges which worth over S$650. Also, you will receive free 24-month Caller Number Display for mobile plan, free LG G6+ worth $888 (24-month warranty) and exclusive free Static IP option is available.

Not the plan for you? Don`t worry, we have more StarHub fibre broadband plans for you to choose from.