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Whats so great about HSBC HDB?

    Product Review by iMoney

    HSBC Singapore

    HSBC Singapore provides its customers with a complete range of financial services, from personal to corporate, investment and private banking, insurance, trustee services and securities and capital market facilities. HSBC Singapore has nine branches. One of the renowned awards achieved by HSBC is being named Number 1 by The Brand Finance.

    HSBC HDB Home Loan

    HSBC provides quite a comprehensive suite of home loan packages, including new HDB home loans, property refinancing and home equity loans.

    HSBC's Fees & Charges

    Fees and Charges

    • - Retrieval of statements and documents : S$30 per copy
    • - Retrieval of valuation reports : S$50 per copy
    • - Rescheduling of redemption date : S$200 per request
    • - Safekeeping fee of title deed for fully repaid loan : S$400 per annum

    If you are looking for a new HDB home loan, you will pay SIBOR+1.25% p.a. for the first 3 years, which is 0.35% higher. HSBC HDB home loan plans are also quite flexible, allowing you to choose between having lock-in or no lock-in period and whether you would prefer a 1-month SIBOR or 3-month SIBOR rate.

    HSBC also has a HDB home loan called the SmartMortgage which links your HDB home loan account with a current account. This means that you are able to reduce the interest payments on your HDB home loan by offsetting interest earned on your current account.

    The key advantage of this type of loan is that the more you save on your current account, the more interest offset you can get for your home loan, translating to paying off your loan in a shorter period of time. This gives you maximum control over your finances and what’s more, you get to choose whether you want a lock-in period, helping you to plan ahead.

    How to Pay Your HSBC HDB Home Loan?

    HSBC Bank ATMs: Transfer funds from your HSBC Bank Savings or Current accounts to make your payment at HSBC Bank branches.

    Express Payment machine: Make a check or cash deposit at HSBC Bank branches.

    Phone Banking: Issue instructions to have your bank account deducted to pay for your HDB home loan with your T-PIN.

    Who Can Apply For HSBC HDB Home Loan?

  • Singaporean citizens and permanent residents.
  • Foreigners who are residing and working in Singapore.
  • Malaysians that are looking to invest in properties in Singapore.
  • If you are searching for HDB housing loans offered by other banks in the Singapore, you may also consider:

    DBS HDB Housing Loan
  • With a strong presence throughout the region in Singapore, Global Finance acknowledged DBS as the safest bank in Asia for four consecutive years. Borrowers can enjoy the flexibility in customization from fixed rates then continue with floating rate. Besides that, options of lock-in or no lock-in period with a 3-month SIBOR rate is available for the mortgagors to choose from.

  • Citibank HDB Property Loan
  • Among Citibank’s package, the Internal Board Rate (IBR) package offer the lowest current interest rate compared to the other two packages. The SIBOR rate packages from Citibank have variety of lock-in periods. If you are a homebuyer seeking to reside in the purchased property over the long term, a high lock-in period can save you high interest payments.

  • Browse our full line-up of HDB mortgage loan Singapore listed on our website and choose which is the right one for you.

    Utilise iMoney’s home loan calculator to estimate your monthly repayments. If you are interested in taking out a HSBC HDB home loan, Click the apply button and fill in a simple application form and you will be attended by experienced mortgage consultants