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Whats so great about OCBC HDB?

    Product Review by iMoney

    Is OCBC HDB Home Loan Right For You?

    OCBC Fixed Deposit Mortgage Rate

    OCBC FDMR is a mortgage rate that is pegged to the Fixed Deposit interest rate that the bank offers. While SIBOR rates are fully transparent and are not internally determined by a bank, and board rates can be adjusted solely at the discretion of a bank, fixed deposit mortgage rates lie somewhere in the middle. Highest was 0.925% from 8 Nov 2005 to 8 Mar 2009. It is 0.65% since 1 Nov 2011. 1-time free repricing if FDMR increases. Partial payment is allowed at 50% of original loan within first 3 years.

    OCBC Internal Board Rate Packages

    OCBC offers both fixed rate and a variety of floating rate packages to cater people with different needs. There are two internal board rate packages whereby the package without lock-in period is mainly suitable for short term investors. Whereas, the Internal board rate package with lock-in period is much suitable for those who would want to benefit from a lower interest rate but looking forward to sell after 3 years.

    OCBC Floating Sibor Rate Packages

    OCBC also offers two floating rate packages pegged to 3Months Sibor. There is an advantage of choosing any of these two packages as there is an option to fix the monthly payment for the first two years. This is to cater those with a fixed lower income/budget. The 3months Sibor, Package 2 offers 0.05% lower premium rates compared to package 1. Buyers have to consider the 2 year lock in period tie before purchasing. Package 1 is to favor those who would be looking to benefit from the future low Sibor rates and looking forward to sell within a few years of purchase.

    OCBC's Terms & Charges

    Terms and Conditions

    Fees and Charges

    • Minimum loan amount : S$ 300,000
    • Loan value ratio : Up to 80%
    • Loan Tenure : Minimum 5 yrs and Maximum 30 yrs
    • Suitable for completed and HDB home loans
    • Early Settlement Penalty only applies for partial or full prepayment during first 3 years
    • Refinancing up to 100%
    • Default fee: A minimum fee of S$50 for each late repayment.
    • Changing the date for paying off the fee : S$200 for each notice
    • The delay in releasing the A title deed custody charge of S$500 a year
    • The administration fee for fire insurance that is not from OAC: $200 a year
    • Loan statement: S$30 for each page

    How to pay your OCBC HDB Home Loan?

    OCBC Bank ATMs: Transfer funds from your OCBC Bank Savings or Current accounts to make your payment at OCBC Bank branches. Express Payment machine: Make a check or cash deposit at OCBC Bank branches. Phone Banking: Issue instructions to have your bank account deducted to pay for your home loan with your T-PIN.

    Who Can Apply For An OCBC HDB Home Loan

    • Singaporean citizens and permanent residents. • Foreigners who are residing and working in Singapore. DBS HDB Home Loan
  • DBS often offers customization for HDB housing loans to match the wants from the borrowers. Enjoy fixed rates from two to four years and continued by a floating rate. Besides, borrowers able to opt for Mortgage Rate Protector plan which levies a cap on how high their interest rates can increase.

  • UOB HDB Home Loan
  • Being tied with to 2 years’ lock period, UOB HDB Mortgage Loan offers the lowest floating interest rate in Internal Board Rate Package 2. The UOB HDB housing loan is specially designed for those who are keen to sell their HDB property after 2 years as the interest rate will increase after the 2nd year.

  • You can also take a look at the full line-up of HDB property loan Singapore listed on our website and choose which is the right one for you.

    Use the iMoney’s HDB home loan calculator and be sure on your decision. If OCBC HDB home loan is your choice, Click the apply button and fill in a simple application form and you will be attended by experienced mortgage consultants.