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    2 years

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Whats so great about Citibank Home Loan?
  • Flexible Repayments – Daily to monthly frequency
  • Instant access to our dedicated Mortgage Client Care team
  • Overdraft facilities available

Product Features

Minimum Loan Amount S$500000
Loan Tenure 5 years - 30 years

Fees & Charges

Charge of Insurer for fire insurance S$200
Loan statement S$50
Title deed for fully repaid loans S$500
Late payment charges Prime lending rate + 5%


Citizenship Status Singaporean, Permanent Residents, Foreigners who are residing and working in Singapore, Malaysians that are looking to invest in properties in Singapore.

Product Review by iMoney

Is Citibank Home Loan Right For You?

Citibank Singapore offers competitive private home loan floating rate packages which are either pegged to SIBOR or Internal board rate. Among its packages, Citibank’s Internal board rate package offers the lowest current interest rate compared to the other two packages.

This package is suitable for investors or for those who are looking to sell their property after the lock-in period of 3years as the interest rate hikes up to 3.75% from the fourth year onwards. The SIBOR rate packages offer a variety of lock-in periods.

Various packages have different interest rate structures where low-lock-in period packages come at a higher interest rate. If you are a homebuyer looking to occupy the purchased property over the long term, choosing a high lock-in period can save you interest payments.