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  • Fixed and SIBOR rate Packages
  • Flexible tenures - up to 30 years
Terms and Condition: 
  • Minimum loan amount : S$ 100,000
  • Loan value ratio : Up to 80%
  • Loan Tenure : Minimum 5 years up to 30 years

Is Hong Leong Finance Home Loan Right for You?

Established in 1961 as a Small & Medium Enterprise (SME) then progressed to be Singapore’s largest finance company with a distribution network of 28 branches. Hong Leong Finance is serving under the Hong Leong Group Singapore; contributing wide-ranging financial products and services.

For instance, spanning from personal savings, corporate and consumer loans, government assistance programmes for SMEs to corporate finance and advisory services. Hong Leong Finance has been awarded numerous awards and recently was awarded as ‘ASEAN Finance Champion’ and ‘Website of the Year’.

Hong Leong Finance Housing Loan

Being awarded during Asian Banking & Finance Retail Banking Awards 2016, Hong Leong Finance frequently offers customization for home loans. As borrower, you are able to opt for fixed rates or floating rates. Hong Leong Finance is offering competitive floating interest rates packages as well as up to 30 years’ loan tenure.

Besides the attractive offers, as Hong Leong’s client, you will be assisted by dedicated relationship managers as personalised service.

Hong Leong Finance Home’s Fees & Charges

Fees and Charges

  • - Change of Insurer for fire insurance : S$200
  • - Loan statement : S$50
  • - Title deed for fully repaid loans : S$500
  • - Late Payment Charges : Prime lending rate+5%

How to Pay Your Hong Leong Finance Bank Mortgage?

Hong Leong Finance Bank ATMs: Transfer funds from your Hong Leong Finance Bank Savings or Current accounts to make your payment at Hong Leong Finance Bank branches.

Express Payment machine: Make a check or cash deposit at Hong Leong Bank branches

Phone Banking: Issue instructions to have your bank account deducted to pay for your home loan with your T-PIN.

Who Can Apply For Hong Leong Finance Home Loan?

  • Singaporean citizens and permanent residents.
  • Foreigners who are residing and working in Singapore.
  • Malaysians that are looking to invest in properties in Singapore.
  • If you are searching for mortgage loans offered by other banks in the Singapore, you may also consider:

    Bank of China Housing Loan

  • Serving Singapore for more than 70 years, Bank of China offers interest rate as low as 1.62% to the borrowers. Home loans from Bank of China are applicable to private property and executive condominiums. BOC allows the property owner to change between SIBOR and SOR rates without any extra charges.

  • UOB Home Loan
  • Being tied with to 2 years’ lock period, UOB Mortgage Loan offers the lowest floating interest rate in Internal Board Rate Package 2. The UOB housing loan is specially designed for those who are keen to sell their property after 2 years as the interest rate will increase after the 2nd year.

  • You can also take a look at the full line-up of mortgage loan listed on our website and choose which is the right one for you.

    Utilise iMoney’s home loan calculator to estimate your monthly repayments. If you are interested in taking out a Hong Leong Finance home loan, Click the apply button and fill in a simple application form and you will be attended by experienced mortgage consultants

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