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Whats so great about OCBC Home Loan?
  • Variety of IBR and SIBOR Packages
  • Low minimum loan amount

Product Features

Minimum Loan Amount S$300,000
Loan Tenure 5 years - 30 years

Fees & Charges

Default Fee A minimum fee of S$50 for each late repayment
Changing the date for paying off the fee S$200 for each notice
Delay in releasing the A title deed custody charge S$500 a year
Administration fee for fire insurance that is not for OAC S$200 a year
Loan statement S$30 for each page


Citizenship Status Singaporean, Permanent Residents, Foreigners who are residing and working in Singapore, Malaysians that are looking to invest in properties in Singapore.

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Is OCBC Home Loan Right For You?

OCBC Fixed Deposit Mortgage Rate

OCBC FDMR is a mortgage rate that is pegged to the Fixed Deposit interest rate that the bank offers. While SIBOR rates are fully transparent and are not internally determined by a bank, and board rates can be adjusted solely at the discretion of a bank, fixed deposit mortgage rates lie somewhere in the middle.

Highest was 0.925% from 8 Nov 2005 to 8 Mar 2009. It is 0.65% since 1 Nov 2011. 1-time free repricing if FDMR increases. Partial payment is allowed at 50% of original loan within first 3 years.

OCBC Internal Board Rate Packages

OCBC offers both fixed rate and a variety of floating rate packages to cater people with different needs. There are two internal board rate packages whereby the package without lock-in period is mainly suitable for short term investors.