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    2 years

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Whats so great about UOB Home Loan?
  • Fixed and SIBOR Packages
  • Flexible Repayments – Daily to monthly frequency

Product Features

Minimum Age 21 years
Loan Tenure Up to 25 years

Fees & Charges

Default Fee A minimum fee of S$100 for each late repayment
Changing the date for paying off the fee S$200 for each notice
Delay in releasing the A title deed custody charge S$500 a year
Administration fee for fire insurance that is not for OAC S$200 a year
Loan statement S$50 for each page


Citizenship Status Singaporean, Permanent Residents, Foreigners who are residing and working in Singapore, Malaysians that are looking to invest in properties in Singapore.

Product Review by iMoney

Is UOB Home Loan Right For You

UOB offers both fixed and floating rate packages. The lowest floating interest rate offered is in Internal Board Rate Package 2. However, it is tied to 2 years lock in period and it is recommended for those who are looking to sell their property after 2 years as the interest rate hikes up after the 2nd year.

For those who are looking for a long term commitment with an idea of refinancing in the near future, 3 months SIBOR Package 2 will be the best choice, as it is only tied to one year lock in period with lower cumulative rate charges.

If you are looking for fixed rate package, UOB’s 2 Years Fixed rate pegged to thereafter Internal Board package offers the highest premium rate compared to all the other UOB loan packages. Thus, it is suitable for buyers with lower income as you will be able to plan and pay a fixed monthly payment for 2 years.